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Facilities & Services

Dining & Bar

Dining & Bar Gaze across the pool to the mountains beyond while enjoying our Lao and Western cuisine. Here at Zen Namkhan we use the freshest ingredients, visiting the markets daily for the best in fruit and produce, herbs and spices, and free-range chicken and beef. As much as possible we use herbs and produce and fruit from our own organic garden and fruit farm. With an emphasis on low fat, low salt cooking, we strive for the freshest flavors, cooked with your health and well-being in mind. Lactose or gluten allergies? Dietary restrictions? Just let us know and we can accommodate you. (p.s. We make our own yogurt!)



PoolChemical-free swimming in an all-natural pool. This eco friendly swimming pool is the result of German and French expertise and one of the first of its kind in Laos and South East Asia. The pool is 1.4 meters deep, 6 meters wide and 12 meters long.

Our eco friendly pool is equipped with the biological capacity to purify water through a reed-bed system and aeration. An ultra-violet and microwave system, combined with reed-bed falls and the aeration, and natural water-plants, purify the water and make for a truly unique experience. The “infinity” drop at the far side makes for an unspoiled vista to the mountains beyond.



CommunicationsWe have recently installed a new 100 mb/s Lao Telecom fiber optic internet connection that gives you the opportunity to reach the world. Zen Namkhan Boutique Resort offers guests free Wi-Fi access in our living and dining areas. There is no Wi-Fi internet access in the rooms or villas.


Yoga Retreats/Mission Building Retreats – Retreat Organization For Your Group

Teacher Of Yoga - Retreat Organization For Your GroupAt Zen Namkhan we facilitate unique, creative and meaningful retreats. If you are interested in hosting a retreat for your own students or colleagues and /or employees, we can to assist you. Creating a retreat in Luang Prabang will open up many a door for you and your participants. You will have a unique opportunity to live here and experience Lao culture while developing yourself and your organization. If you are interested in hosting retreats in Laos, we would be more than glad to work with you by organizing retreats to take place both at our Resort.

Workshops For Consideration

Yoga, meditation, Reiki, self-healing, massage, chakras, art therapy, lifestyle and the list goes on!



To organize your retreats or workshops/seminars in Laos, we can custom-design our services to meet your specific needs. All meals and excursions can be pre-planned, to maximize the quality of your experience.


A typical retreat runs for 6-14 days. A retreat can also be made up of several shorter workshops. It is best to plan retreats at least six months in advance so that there is time to register and confirm participants and, with our ongoing assistance, make the necessary arrangements. If you would like to create a workshop, seminar or retreat in Zen Namkhan Boutique Resort, we would be delighted to work with you. Email us at info@zennamkhanresort.com to start the process!

Concierage Services
From waterfalls to elephants, an hour’s stroll or an-day trek, we can suggest activities and provide information on a full range of tour options, things-to-see-and-do, as well as off-the-beaten-track suggestions. And do all the arranging too! Information available in English, French or Lao.


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